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Analog Man Compressor
Analog Man Compressor

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The 30+ year-old original Ross Compressors are about impossible to find and VERY expensive. This led us to first come up with a clone which we made by modifying a Dunlop built MXR Dynacomp reissue, starting in 1999. The pedal in the picture on the left is the Dyna/Ross- a modified reissue dynacomp. It is painted with grey hammerite paint and has the aNaLoG.MaN smiling sun stamped on in red. The bottom plates are not painted as they have huge rubber pads on them, the original red is still around the border.

In the year 2000, there were no Ross Clones being made. So with the help of Alfonso Hermida (Zen Drive), we reverse-engineered an old Ross, and have been making our own version, the Analog Man compROSSor pedal, from scratch ever since. Our comprossors soon became extremely popular and had a long waiting list. So others came out with Klones of the Ross compressor, which is easier now, as all the info to build one can now be found online. But just building from a recipe will not give the same results as a cook who knows how and why to include or discard certain ingredients, and add the perfect seasonings. So we are staying a few steps ahead of the others, you will see the differences in quality and features below. We came out with the ATTACK control in 2001, which one of our COMPetitors finally added in 2005 after years of saying it was not needed. But seems he only added half of an attack control- it only goes one way from the stock setting. Ours is able to ADD or SUBTRACT from the stock setting, which we put in the middle of the range.

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