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TC Electronic BH250 Micro Bass Amp Head
Our Price: $595.00

With this super-compact bass head, you get a lot more than just power to play. The unique TonePrint feature allows you to load and swap effects in seconds, which is sure to inspire you to come up with personal and diverse bass lines.

   TonePrint - Instant Inspiration
   Super Portable -  4 lbs / 1.8 kg
   Bass Tuner - For 4, 5 and 6 strings
TC Electronic BH500 Micro Bass Amp Head
Our Price: $740.00

BH500 is the rock-voiced amp in our Bass Amp 2.0 line up. Combined with the BC410/BC212/BC210 cabinet range, it stacks up to become any rig you need - for small bar gigs, indoor rock clubs, outdoor stadium concerts, you name it, you got it!

   3 Presets
   Built-in Bass Tuner
   Tone Tools: TubeTone, SpectraComp, TweeterTone
TC Electronic RH450 Compact Bass Amp Head
Our Price: $1,280.00

There was one reason to make RH450: making bass better. There's a dedicated bass team at TC, guys that gig, record, rehearse, live and breathe bass. So when they got a chance to finally do an amp, they built 'the best amp possible' from the ground up.

The result is a compact, powerful amp with a set of features so advanced we like to think of them as Bass Amp 2.0.

   3 Presets
   Built-in Bass Tuner
TC Electronic RH750 Compact Bass Amp Head
Our Price: $1,555.00

RH750 is our flagship compact bass amp, with power for days and a gorgeous, cutting-edge featureset that's equally equipped to handle the gruelling rigors of harcore touring and the hi-performance demanded in studio- and recording situations.

   750 watts
   3 Presets
   Ultimate Tone Tools
   Chromatic Bass Tuner
TC Electronic Stacccato '51 Rocco Prestia Signature Amp
Our Price: $1,800.00

The word legend gets thrown around so easily these days. But Tower Of Power bassist Rocco Prestia is truly worthy of the monniker, both as bass player for funk legends Tower Of Power and as an individual with his invaluable pioneering of 'fingerstyle funk' bass sounds as we know them today.

   Built from the ground up to Rocco Prestia's wishes and ideas
   Vintage Tone Control (voiced by Rocco Prestia)
   SpectraComp & TubeTone
   3 Presets
TC Electronic Blacksmith Bass Amp Head
Our Price: $2,385.00

Blacksmith is our flagship bass amp. Our pride and joy. Handmade in Denmark, we've made sure Blacksmith combines classic and modern tones with pure, undiluted power and award-winning features from our Bass Amp 2.0 concept.

   1,600 Watts of Power
   3 Presets
   Ultimate Tone Tools