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Artec Blues Overdrive
Our Price: $45.00

SE-BOD is applied to the Filter that makes TWEED CRUNCH TONE. We design to make suitable Drive Sound for BLUES with TUBE EMULATION OVERDRIVE CIRCUIT. The specialty of this unit is the high resolution sound from Powerful Punch even with small gain.
AMT Tweed Overdrive (Used)
Our Price: $65.00

VOX Distortion Booster (Used)
Our Price: $65.00

DOD FX 53 Classic Tube
Our Price: $70.00

The FX 53 Classic Tube duplicates the warm, smooth distortion and long, singing sustain and harmonics of the early 1960s amp stacks made famous by superstars like Jimi Hendrix and supergroups like Cream and Led Zeppelin.
MOOER Green Mile Overdrive (Used)
Our Price: $75.00

BOSS Power Driver PW-2 (Used)
Our Price: $75.00

Boss PW-2
Our Price: $85.00

SHARK Warzy Drive
Our Price: $89.00

WARZY DRIVE-EXTREME METAL box-has been developed aiming at "the ultimate distortion pedal". Original easily possible distortion of exquisite CAMI sound volume boost, clear of contour!
Feature of the two different distortion sounds in the MID circuit. And control in the area similar to normal EQ MID at B, even MID with A cut/boost control is possible!
MXR vintage 80's Distortion +
Our Price: $95.00

MXR Distortion Plus
Our Price: $95.00